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Heading South / holly marie designs

For the past few weeks you may have noticed that everything over here on the blog has come to a screeching halt. This summer has been a busy one to say the least – with freelancing picking up, in the midst of launching Little Bison Studio, and just the fact that summer always tends to be packed with various festivities and many long days spent outside. And well, to add to the list, my husband and I will be packing up and moving down south in just about a week. Steve was recently accepted into a masters program and we will settling in northwest Texas for about two years.

A few weeks ago we went down to find a place to live and take a peek at the campus – and of course, sample the food! Although Texas is nearly the complete opposite of Wisconsin, I do like it and the heat wasn’t as bad as everyone had warned me. Guess those three winter coats I own will be collecting some dust considering the lowest average temp is 30˚, which isn’t too bad considering we experience winter three to four months out of the year and it’s way worse.

Packing for our new adventure has not been without its struggles, trying to decide what to purge, donate, store, and take – I should have done this months ago! So many memories … and accumulated junk. It’s going to be sad leaving the place where my husband and I both grew up and lived our whole lives, leaving our family and friends, starting completely fresh in an area that’s foreign to us, but the adventure ahead is also new and exciting!

  1. So many emotions, I’m sure, but what a fun adventure!! I’m a tad jealous you won’t be needing those winter coats though – definitely not looking forward to the brutal Midwest winters, brrrr! Best of luck moving and getting settled in, Holly :)

  2. I wish you both a smooth move to your new home.

  3. Oh my gosh, how exciting for you guys! I’ve heard that Texas is an absolute treasure of a place to live. I hope the move goes smoothly and you settle in well!

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