Bloggers: How to Create a Media Kit

bloggers: how to create a media kit

It wasn’t until recent that I really began to notice my blog and social media growth and I came to realize that I should start writing down my numbers to see where I stand as a blogger. (Oh my, how far I have come in one year of blogging!) So I started collecting my information to create an official media kit!

A media kit is a summary of your blog to determine its reach and value as well as states what you have to offer potential partners (this could be brands or even other bloggers). They give you opportunity to share more about yourself and your blog and it’s a great tool to have on hand if you are looking to partner with a brand or business. Below I created a little list of what to think about when you start to construct your media kit:

Talk about yourself and your blog. Who you are, give a brief description of your blog and who your readers are.

Talk about your blog statistics. This includes visits, pageviews, unique visitors, main traffic sources, popular posts, and social media follows ( Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin, etc. ).

*A pageview is the number of times a specific page is loaded on your site within a given time frame, so one person could generate twenty pageviews if they stayed on that particular page long enough and therefore, be counted more than once.
*A unique pageview is an individual reader and how many individual readers are showing up on your site during a specific time frame.

What do you have to offer your potential partners? This could be sponsored posts and content, sidebar ad rates, giveaways, or videos.

Tell them more about your readers. Although some of this information could be limited to what you have access to, try to give an overview of your audience’s gender, age, location, and interests.

Share any interesting features or press mentions you have had.

If you were a part of collaboration or partnership in the past, talk about it and provide a few testimonials.

Since this document is a visual representation of your brand and blog, be prepared and spend the needed time creating a media kit that is clean and professional. If you have access to InDesign or Photoshop, I would suggest designing your media kit that way, but if you don’t have the means, a Word document or PowerPoint presentation will suffice. Edit your media kit every few months to keep your numbers and information accurate and keep an eye on your statics and watch for any sudden changes in numbers. Lastly, make your media kit accessible either by upon-request or by direct download from your contact or about page.

If you start creating your media kit and see that your numbers are not as high as you’d like them to be, I encourage you to stick with it. When I first started blogging my readership was low and so were my social media numbers, although this was a bit frustrating I kept with it and began blogging and posting to social media on a regular basis. It helps. So be patient, my friend, your time will come.

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  1. Very important to know how to create a social media kit, thank you for the tips!

    • You are most welcome, Maru!

  2. I love this post! I’ve never thought of creating a media kit, but the time might be soon when I have to! Fingers crossed :)

    • Aww, I am happy to hear you enjoyed the post, Sarah! I am glad I was able to help + best wishes to you and your blog!

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! This was just the guide I needed. I only recently started my blog – I’m about a month in – and while the posts are coming easily, readership + expansion are at a standstill. This is just what I need to start working on next, and all the information I need to get going. Thank you!

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