The Moodboard Guide

MoodBoard Guide

What is a Moodboard: A mood board is a type of collage that may consist of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition of the choice of the mood board creator.

I used to see Moodboards all over the place while browsing the internet and they always looked so inspiring and nice. Truth is, I had never even though about how useful they could be too! My very first Moodboard was created just for the right reason for me to under how helpful they are. I was working on a logo, on which I had so many ideas, that I was lost and couldn’t define what I had in mind. So I just gathered all my ideas in a collage so I can have them somewhere visually. As its purpose, it served me well! All I had in my mind, where gathered in one place, and I just could see the finished idea already!

And they are not just for designers, they can be used practically, everywhere! Whether you are planning a party, a wedding, or just an outfit even, moodboards are just what you need to keep you and your ideas organized, inspired and on the right path! I see them somewhat as an almost visual image of what you have in mind scattered all over the place. That sounds pretty helpful doesn’t it?

There are many ways to create a moodboard, so let me break down into to steps, the way I create them.


Determine why you need the Moodboard. Before I get to the fun part, I always write down why I need the Moodboard. Then I make a list with the ideas I have about it, colors, feelings even items. For example, let’s say I want to make a mooboard for a wedding. I would write the exact colors I want, the theme (rustic), the flowers, the style of the wedding gown etc. Write the most of what comes to your mind. Be organized, that’s what it’s all about.


Gather images. Yes, now to the fun part! Once you have listed everything you need, go ahead and find as many pictures as you can. My favorite place of course couldn’t be any other than Pinterest. Honestly I really don’t know how I was surviving before it. It’s very helpful when you know your style, what you like, and follow people that inspire you and you know that you will like what they pin.

When I’m searching on pins, I usually save as much pictures as I can. I open them into new tabs and keep scrolling. Sometimes I might have opened 50 tabs, but that’s OK. The more, the better, that means that you will be able to choose the best and most accurate for your moodboard.


Remember what you need the Moodboard for. Especially if you are using Pinterest to gather inspiration like me, you’ll know how easy it is to get distracted. Sometimes I find myself getting lost and forgetting my main vision and opening images that don’t quite match what I have in mind. Really, there are some awesome pins out there but you need to keep your hands close! I have been tempted to put images on moodboards just because I liked them very much and I wanted to use them. But that only made me change the whole moodboard just for one image and make me loose the mood from the board.

So we say yes, to saving many pictures, but you always have to keep in mind the mood you want. A good 80% of the pictures I save I move them to trash, but they all have potentials to get into the board. Always have your eyes on your target!


Our brain loves uniformity. Once you have all your images in a folder you can start importing them into your canvas one by one. The images you have selected, they all complete the criteria so all you need now is to make the moodboard look pretty in your eyes. You will see that slowly the ones that don’t feel good, will be moved to trash and the ones that you like, will stay on your moodboard.

Being neat and organized is the key to a successful moodboard. After all, that’s why you are making it! You want to keep everything aligned so it can be easy to the eye. But be careful not to make it boring. Play with the widths and heights and even shapes. You can add a circle or a triangle image here or there. It’s all about the balance. Aligned but not boring.


Let your Moodboard breath. I always pay attention to the picture I use and even how I place them. If my moodboard has two colors, I wouldn’t put one color on the one side of the moodboard, and the other on the other side of it. You have to mix everything nicely and let the images breath and stand out.

A good question is, how many images are good for a moodboard? My golden mean is up to 10. You don’t want less than 7 because that’s just too little and you hardly get the “mood”. But you don’t even want more than 10 because then it’s gets too messy and out of control. I usually use somewhere between 7-10 images.


Get the feeling. Try to have a range of images in your moodboard. Don’t just put only clothes for example, or scenery. Try blending patterns, type, textures with images. It helps you have a great chance of grabbing just the correct mood for your project. As a final touch I love eyedropping the primary colors of my moodboard and putting them into color blocks. It’s not by accident that all of them have color blocks. A color block, is clean and bold and catches your eye immediately. It makes your mind lock the mood of your board.

Whether you use photoshop, or paint, a moodboard is super easy and fun to make! All you need is an organized idea and neatly aligned images and, voilà! You have your own guide for your project!


  1. hi! i just stumbled on your blog, and i love your moodboards and your style! may i ask what program you use and how you create your moodboards? they are all just so lovely! i love your blog and will be back to visit!!

    • Hi Lauren,
      Thank you for your wonderful comments. It is always nice to hear when someone enjoys my blog.

      As for the moodboards, I usually create them in either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. How I create my moodboards is a huge question and I hope to write a post on it in the near future that talks about my process. But, in the meantime, Corina’s post is a great place to start because her moodboards are amazing!

  2. Sophia

    Thanks a lot for writing this helped a lot for my project. Keep it up!:)

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